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Why Choose PRP over Fillers?

Dr. Anderson, as a M.S. research Chemical Engineer who specialized in pharmaceutical design, is dissuading patients from using FILLERS based on medical literature. Problems are becoming more apparent. Man-made injectables may cause significant problems. Silicone was thought safe 10 years ago.

Current Risks known so far of Fillers are the following:

  • Migrate throughout the face causing deformities
  • Rejection Reaction
  • Blindness if migrates or injected near eyes
  • Blue Skin (Tyndall effect)
  • Deaden Parts of the Face (Vascular Compromise)
  • Granulomas, hardened nodules appearing years after injections.
  • Fillers costs $1000-$1400. Lasts 8 months. It only plumps wrinkles. It doesn’t treat underlying cause of wrinkles and skin.
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Use PRP for Filler

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for Facial Rejuvenation and anti-aging

This treatment consists of using the patient’s own blood components to stimulate stem cells to regenerate new tissue. PRP treatments stimulate collagen and improves skin texture, tone, and complexion. PRP facial rejuvenation is very effective for fine wrinkles around the eyes, nasolabial grooves, wrinkles on lips, wrinkles on the forehead, wrinkles on the neck, acne marks, bags and dark circles under the eyes, and loose and saggy skin.