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Growth Factors with DermaPen

Why Choose UsGrowth Factor Serum + DermaPen Microneedling “Simply Ageless”

Used for the face, chest, under eyes, and hands. DermaPen micro-needling rejuvenates and regenerates.

Growth Factor + DermaPen

Ideal for large coverage areas.  Growth factor is an alternative to PRP. It comes in a vial. You put it on the skin and DermaPen pushes into the epidermis.

For more information about growth factors visit:  www.secretlyageless.net We currently use Secretly Ageless Multi-Peptide growth factor serum.

Contraindications to Procedures

Heavy Smokers, alcoholics, people with poor nutrition may have limited benefit. Individuals with sepsis, platelet problems, chemotherapy (cancer), severe liver problems, HIV, and hepatitis are not a candidate. Dr. Anderson will determine whether or not it’s a safe therapy for an individual. It is thus extremely important that you fully disclose all of their medical conditions so she can make a safe recommendation regarding treatment.

How many Treatments?

PRP Increases collagen production, decreases pigment irregularity, decreases or eliminates dark circles, fills in wrinkles by producing collagen and increasing blood supply. Makes healthier tissue from inside out. Many people who opt to undergo PRP therapy may require between two and three treatments. The amount of treatments depend on the original damage to the tissue, area of treatment, and desired outcome. The results from a PRP procedure have a longer lasting effect and promote healing the safe and natural way. Individuals interested in getting multiple injections can do so safely and as often as needed.